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Do you want to sell your house without foreclosing or going bankrupt?

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What is a Short Sale?

A Home that Sells for Less Than the Mortgage Loan is Worth 

What is in it for the Homeowner?  

As a homeowner, our goal at Short Sale Pros is to exonerate you from any deficiency between what you owe and what your home sells for.
You benefit from having a clear cut exit strategy.
We will negotiate with the buyer and lender on your behalf.

What are some of the differences between foreclosures and short sales?

The difference between foreclosures and short sales
Short Sales result in credit score reductions typically between 0 points and 200 points, but a Foreclosure typically results in credit score reductions between 200 points to 400 points, and is reflected in your credit report for 7 to 10 years.  Both options damage your credit, but a Short Sale is significantly less damaging.


Why Should You Choose Short Sale Pros?


  • -We are FTC MARS compliant 
  • -We are aggressive
  • -We handle business locally, regionally and nationally (40+ states)
  • -Over 60 years experience in the industry
  • -We use our trained in-office processing personnel, not farmed out to careless phone jockeys
  • -Accurate case file assessment. We conduct scheduled audits and examinations for strategy on each case file.
  • -We are attorney backed.
  • -Well recommended.
  • -Direct Client to Lender operation.